Supplied in packages of copper or aluminum tubing, reel or rod.

Length sizing is made in accordance with the standards. Countersink is opened into the pipe.

Sizing and Countersinking in Classical Production


(Machining waste is given 3-4 mm per piece)

The number of parts produced per day of the work machine used

1 saw with 1 staff (1.000-3.000 pieces / day)

With 1 Lathe or Automat (1.000-3.000 pieces / day)

For cutting with a manual saw and countersinking, a machining machine such as a classic lathe-automat-drill should be used.

Two personnel work on these two machines and 1,000-3,000 cable lugs can prepare semi-finished products per day.

Sawdust up to the thickness of the saw blade (3-4 mm) is scrap.

2 staff + 2 machines,

Machining waste up to the thickness of the saw blade,

1,000 - 3,000 pieces / day

Fully Automatic Sizing and Countersinking


(No Machining Waste. Orbital Cutting)

The number of parts produced per day of the work machine used

For double lugs with 1 C & CSM (10.000-15.000 pcs / day = 15.000-30.000 Semi-finished products for cable lugs)

Since orbital cutting is made with rotating blades, there is no chip formation for cutting, cutting is done without waste.

-For our fully automatic molds that produce two cable lugs from one pipe, the two ends of the pipe are countersinked at the same time.

Production time for a cable lug is 1.5 seconds total for cutting and countersinking.

In this case, a semi-finished product of cable lugs is prepared between 10.000 and 20.000 per day.

6-16 mm Copper and Aluminum Pipe Orbital Cutting - Double Sided Countersink

16-45 mm Copper and Aluminum Pipe Orbital Cutting - Double Sided Countersink

Without personnel,

without waste

10.000- 20.000 pieces / day

There are 100 types of cable lugs, which is a special product made of copper pipes.

It is possible to produce this labor-intensive product with fully automatic machines. Classical method and fully automatic production differences are explained below.

Open die and mechanical eccentric press:

Eccentric press + End crushing mold + One staff

Eccentric press + Punching and marking mold + one staff

Since one piece is produced in each operation, the capacity is low. (1.000-5000 pieces of production are made with 2 presses and 2 personnel per day.)

The tip cut depends on the leaning distance.

It can be even more than desired.

The cut scrap is big as pictured.

Semi-automatic hydraulic turntable:

Special production hydraulic machine (3 hydraulic heads)

3 molds for each model

End crushing station + Screw hole punching station + Brand and model name writing form mold

Since one piece is produced in each operation, that is, a single piece of cable lug is taken from the semi-finished pipe, the cutting scrap is large as in the picture. Production capacity is low, cutting scrap is high.

The hydraulic press works slowly. Production is slow at this rate. 5.000-6.000 pieces / day production is made with a staff.

China Origin Fully automatic mold review:

The workmanship and technical life of the Chinese mold is far from CE expectations.

It is obvious that the female sockets given in the picture below are very thin sections, very close to the edge and will break in a few thousand presses.

Quality and mold life may not meet expectations.

A Kalıp

Fully automatic cable lug molds

You get our molds and machines at a higher price than the Chinese manufacturer. However, molds and machines in CE standards are guaranteed for 2 years, excluding usage errors. When the defective part is sent, it is replaced with the new part in return.

A parts list and user maintenance manual are given with our machines and molds.

Fully automatic Vibro Transfer Molds that you can work by connecting to your existing mechanical eccentric presses:

-30.000 Pieces / Day

-30% less cutting loss compared to other methods

Machines and molds produced by A Kalıp are in compliance with E4.0.

You can monitor your mobile phone or any computer with the central control panel. You can contact your business with the current MRP and get a historical report. The raw material loaded, the number of cable lugs and the total scrap account map in the production area can be updated at any time.

Material Preparation (Sizing and Countersinking on Both Ends of the Pipe

Mechanical strain (with Mechanical Press and dies)

Fully Automatic

Cable Lug Molds

Fully Automatic

Copper Pipe Cutting and Two End Flaring Machine

Fully Automatic Rotary Table
Special Hydraulic Press

Fully Automatic Progressive
Terminal Connector Molds



We Make Fully Automatic Cable Lug Machines and Molds to the World..

From 1947 to today;

Research and Development, Industrial Product, Method Development and Designer

It is a Machinery and Mold Production Center.

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We design and manufacture special-purpose functional tools, machines and products.
We produce under prototype and mass production conditions in our design and production workshop.
All of the work machines used in the production of cable lugs are designed and produced by us.
We have been making Manual molds, Prograsiv automatic molds and transfer molds since 1947.
We design and manufacture machines that will make production unmanned, less wastage and faster by making the operations required by the production line a single special-purpose machine.

For the production of cable lugs; from semi-finished product preparation to press production, all gathered on a single line.
You can produce one cable lug per second by combining the Unmanned Orbital copper / aluminum pipe cutting and chamfering process with a fully automatic vibro transfer die.

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